Provider Assistance


Provider Assistant 

Packages & Pricing

Screening Packages

Real Life Screening

$25 per screen

5 screenings - $100

10 screenings - $150

Real Life Screening + Reference Checks

$30 per screen

5 screenings - $125

10 screenings - $200


Screening Assistant

Real Life Screening - $200/week

Real Life Screening + Reference Checks



Bio/Intro Writing - $100

Ad Copy - $50

Full Web Writing - $200-$500

(Depending on # of Pages)

Consulting (Screening)

Step-by-step instructions on how to screen for yourself.


$100 - 1 Week Instruction

Booking Assistant

Email, screening, scheduling, calendar

$300 weekly

$1100 w/ monthly commitment

​High Volume and/or High Maintenance Accounts will incur an additional fee of

$50 - $150 weekly.

Marketing Assistant

Booking Assistant PLUS

Marketing/Ad Placement

Contact List Management

Newsletter/Email Announcements

$400 weekly 

$1500 w/ Monthly commitment

Provider Assistant

Booking Assistant/Marketing Assistant PLUS

Website management

Tour Planning

Light photo editing

$500 weekly

$1800 w/ Monthly commitment

Phone Consultation and Interviews

Due to the unfortunate occurrence of speaking with Providers and feeling like I have been fished for information I will now charge a $50 fee for all phone Consultations and or Interviews. I've spoken with many Providers in regards to Hiring me as their Assistant providing valuable information only to never hear from them again. 

As a Virtual Assistant, I HIGHLY prefer to keep our communications in an email forum which helps keep all of your information, agreements, instructions etc... organized and easily accessible. But if your preference is to speak on the phone please be prepared to pay my fee of $50. Thank you. 

Provider Assistant Service Options

Below you'll find a simple checklist with some of the options of services I provide. If you'll be so kind to take a moment to fill out the checklist it will help me design a customized package specifically tailored to your business needs. 

Assistance / Marketing / Design

Assistant Options:
Assistant Options:
Design Options:

Virtual Assistance only, Phone/Calls are currently not offered.

Thanks for submitting!


Generally, I am available M-F 9am - 6pm cst. My schedule is very flexible so my response time is typically within the hour, but usually much sooner. On weekends, I answer priority emails as my schedule allows. My response time on weekends is typically within a few hours. I will notify you in advance if I will be unavailable for an extended amount of time 



I accept payment via Paypal, Cash App and Zelle. Payments are expected before services are rendered.