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Established Providers


Established Providers


Are you an Independent Provider finding it difficult to find and enjoy free time? Or maybe you're a Provider who finds the administrative and customer relations aspect of the business to be somewhat of a drag? Well allow me to take on these tasks for you as my motto is ‘I Love the job you hate to do!’


I am a virtual assistant who provides dependable and courteous booking/screening services with professionalism that’s sure to boost your brand.  My main priorities as an Assistant is to help ensure the safety of my clients. My second goal is to help my clients build and grow their brand to help secure a prosperous business relationship. Furthermore, I want to help lessen the tasks you encounter up to meeting with your clients opening up more “You Time” to tend to everyday matters in your lives.


I have experience in Administrative, Clerical, and Customer Relations ranging over the past 30 years. I have been assisting Independent Providers now for 5 years. With experience as a Provider as well I have first hand knowledge of all the necessary preparations and measures we should adhere to before meeting with a client. I apply my knowledge of the business and Corporate Experiences to provide professional correspondence that puts both you and the client at ease.


Your emails will be answered in a timely fashion and potential clients will be thoroughly screened to your specifications. 

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